The Campbell Group has over 10 years experience in home renovations and restoration. Whether it is a new bathroom, a new kitchen or adding a new room, The Campbell Group provides the same professional service. 

Fabric Buildings

The Campbell Group has recently started to pursue the fabric structure business to offer an economical option rather then traditional building designs. We wanted to ensure that the agricultural, equestrian, commercial and industrial clients were given all options when looking to build.    When we looked into our options every customer we turned to said ‘Coverall Buildings’ or ‘Britespan Buildings’ with the branding that they have already done in Ontario the choice was clear.

Britespan has multiple design options to choose from,  

Farm Building

The Campbell Group has years of experience with all types for agricultural buildings, from poles barns, to stables. 


The Campbell Group specializes in Steel roofing, but can provide shingle roofing as well.